Top 10 Trending Baby Names of 2019

We have put together the top ten trending baby names of 2019. Each year baby names change in popularity however it is found that the most traditional names keep coming back time and time again. We love all of these names, its hard to hear a name that you don’t associate with some one you once knew. I guess thats why it is so hard in choosing a baby name for your little one. However we have added a list of the top ten according to the SSA Social Security Administration. We also popped in their meanings too. Do you know the meaning of your own name? it certainly made us look ours up!

The Top 5 Girls Names Of 2019

  1. Emma – the name Emma means whole and universal.
  2. Olivia – meaning Olive tree.
  3. Ava- means bird.
  4. Isabella – Devoted to God.
  5. Sophia – Meaning wisdom.

The Top 5 Boys Names of 2019

  1. Liam – meaning resolute protector.
  2. Noah – meaning rest.
  3. Benjamin – son of the right hand.
  4. James- Supplanter, one who follows.
  5. Oliver – Olive tree.

Is your little ones name in our list? We loved looking up the meanings of the top trending baby names. Are you an expectant mother perhaps you are having trouble finding that perfect name for your new baby? I always love searching the hidden meanings behind names, I find it makes them even more interesting and can help to shape your overall decision! Or maybe you already have a little one, if so is your little one’s name on the list? We would love to hear feedback on what made your choose his or her name? was it from a relative? was it just a name you liked? or are you like us and love looking into the meanings behind names too! Share with us your experiences we would love to know!

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