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Did you know the amazing health benefits of soft sole baby shoes?

Beaux Baby Boutiques luxury baby shoe range are all made from 100% soft ethically sourced suede and leather. Why is this you ask? We are all about promoting healthy foot development in children. Our shoes have a soft suede sole which moves easily with the child’s foot, allowing the child free movement to play, climb […]

Girls Tutu Dress for your little Princess

girls tutu dresses

Girls Tutu Dress for all occasions Every little princess needs the outfit that matches their role, and what’s better than a boutique dress with tutu for that real princess look for your little girl to play dress up. With many Disney princesses flaunting their full skirts, this perfect Elsie girls tutu dress will no doubt […]

Tips For Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Baby

How to choose the right shoes for your baby Here are some tips to consider when buying your baby’s first pair of shoes. Comfort and support are the most important aspects when choosing shoes for your little one. When learning to walk we understand there are going to be a few tumbles along the way, […]

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