Tips For Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Baby

How to choose the right shoes for your baby

Here are some tips to consider when buying your baby’s first pair of shoes. Comfort and support are the most important aspects when choosing shoes for your little one. When learning to walk we understand there are going to be a few tumbles along the way, thats why at Beaux Baby we have produced shoes that are perfect for little growing feet.

Not only do they give the correct amount of ankle support needed but all of our shoes are made from 100% ethically sourced leather and suede, meaning there is only comfort and softness between your little ones toes and the soft high quality materials used. Creating optimum comfort whilst also allowing your little ones feet to look cute as a button.

Points to look for when choosing the right shoes for your baby.

  • Shoes that give correct ankle support.
  • Durability. (They last through all the climbing, tumbling and exploring)
  • Shoes that are made from comfortable materials.
  • Shoes baby cannot kick off – shoes with a buckle or velcro strap. Still providing comfort yet preventing them going on an escape mission.
  • Shoes that are easily cleaned.
  • Soft soles that provide comfort and kindness to your little ones toes, giving them the freedom to move around without any rigid edges.

We ensure all of our baby shoes are made with your baby in mind. Giving them optimum support, comfort and durability with our ethically sourced baby shoes.

How to measure your little ones feet when purchasing baby shoes.

We suggest getting your little one to stand up on a white piece of paper and draw around the foot, alas we know this is a tricky task. All distraction items needed for this one! Once you have drawn around the foot, then simply take a measuring tape and measure the length and width of the foot. We always suggest adding on a few centimetres for extra growth to ensure you get the optimum use out of your new little shoes. Once you have done so, please check the sizing guide for the shoes and you are set to get ordering.

How to best clean baby shoes and keep them in optimum condition

Depending on the manufacturer and materials used all shoes are different. However our Beaux Baby leather and suede shoes are very easily cleaned. We understand how dirty little ones can get in a matter of a few hours.

  • The shoes simply need wiped down with a warm damp cloth to remove any dirt from the suede and leather, also a suede brush can be used to keep the shoes in optimum condition.
  • They cannot be machine washed or tumble dried as this would ruin the fabrics.
  • We also recommend purchasing a leather and suede protector spray this helps stop any marks or staining.
  • Avoid leaving the shoes in direct sunlight as this will cause fading.

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