Feeling Complete

We all go through life searching for that meaning. That one thing that give us purpose in this world, the one thing that will make us feel complete as human beings. A new baby is one of life’s greatest blessings that gives many of us that true meaning we have been searching for, the missing piece to the puzzle in our lives.

It is fascinating how we as women can grow tiny little humans inside of us for nine months. As we wait patiently and eagerly every single day wondering, wishing, dreaming of the little people they are going to be. The anticipation and excitement mixed with some sickness for some, but an amazing journey overall is something that cannot be explained. Women forget the pain as soon as it happens, as staring into the eyes of a little piece of heaven stares back at you wipes away every thing and soon nothing else matters but your new family.

There is never a right timing for a new baby, nor is there a right timing for planning anything in life. If it feels right in your heart then everything else will fall into place. The unconditional love a new baby brings not only to the new parents but to the wider family is something that cannot be replaced or generated by any other outside source. Households suddenly become filled with laughter, families are brought together, memories created and shared, doting grandparents and a couple who’s love for one another is so strong that all they needed was this little blessing to come along and make their lives complete.

No amount of money or material objects could ever replace that feeling of complete happiness. That feeling in your heart when you just know your love for someone will stretch beyond any boundaries, you will do anything for this little miracle and you will put them first for the rest of your life.

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