Did you know the amazing health benefits of soft sole baby shoes?

Beaux Baby Boutiques luxury baby shoe range are all made from 100% soft ethically sourced suede and leather. Why is this you ask?

We are all about promoting healthy foot development in children. Our shoes have a soft suede sole which moves easily with the child’s foot, allowing the child free movement to play, climb and walk without any restrictions.

Beaux Baby Boutiques little baby shoes mimic barefoot walking. By having only soft suede and leather between your little ones foot and the ground this not only protects the child’s foot from any harm but it improves balance.

Overprotective footwear on children can disturb children’s natural movement patterns. However our soft and gentle little shoes allow proper development of the foot and helps co-ordination and promotes better foot mechanics.

We have an array of styles of our soft soled shoes ranging from our most popular Mary Jane T-Bar shoes to our cute Oxford Boots and Classic T-bars all of which have a soft sole. These little shoes come in a range of colours for little girls and boys.

All of our shoes arrive perfectly wrapped in luxury branded boxes and hand tied with a ribbon, the perfect gift. What could be nicer than a luxury pair of stunning children’s shoes with added health benefits.

Shop our stunning shoe collection today and receive 10% off with code FOOT10. https://www.beauxbabyboutique.co.uk/product-category/shoes/

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