Why i set out to create ethical, affordable and high quality baby brand, Beaux Baby Boutique

Hello I’m Katie… I want to tell you a little bit about why I created an online baby and newborn clothing boutique.

My main aim in creating Beaux Baby was to build a brand of unique yet classical baby and newborn clothing.

I wanted to find items that were different, little pieces of individual clothing for baby boys and girls, even unisex designer clothing sets for children to feel comfortable yet stylish in, providing timeless little pieces that can be worn on special occasions, such as birthday parties or events.

As an auntie to five nieces and nephews, I found that buying high-quality baby clothing within the traditional/vintage style was a struggle.

In trying to find this style and quality of newborn baby clothing, I couldn’t find anything on the market that seemed to be of a high standard yet low-cost. I wanted to source clothing that was ethically made, using high-quality materials that parents could deem affordable as In today’s society.

We all want to look good and our children should be no exception hence my reasons behind Beaux Baby Boutique were to create a brand that delivers exceptional quality, and well-made baby clothing, that is affordable, classical and very sweet baby or newborn clothing!

I hope you enjoy the website and shopping with us x