5 Things All New Mums Need To Remember

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You Are Always More Than Enough.

First and foremost, every single morning I want you to wake up and know your worth. I want you to reflect on everything you have been through to get to this point. Both emotionally, mentally and finally physically what your body has brought into this world. Wake up every single day and look in the mirror and say to yourself “I am amazing. I am worthy. Look at what I have achieved.”

All That Your Baby Wants Is You.

This is so important especially with the growing influence of social media, we often find ourselves immersed in others lives. We are continuously comparing, never feeling good enough. However when your little one cries out for his or her mama all they want is you. You are their number one, the one they find comfort in, the one they trust, their entire world revolves around YOU. Don’t ever forget that and don’t compare. You don’t need to be this perfect Instagram Mum, you just need to be you and that will always be enough for your baby.

There Is No Right Or Wrong.

Just because another mama is breastfeeding or using organic products or attending baby yoga everyday does not mean you have too. Do what is right for you and your baby, if that means getting up and getting dressed and looking after your little one what you do in a day, that is enough. Do what bests fits in with your lifestyle and what feels right and best for your baby. There is no right or wrong, as long as your baby is fed, happy and content then there is no right or wrong way.

There Is No Rush To Get Into Shape.

You have just had a new baby, there is nothing more important in the world right now. However with growing pressure from social media and celebrities we are constantly seeing these ladies bouncing back weeks after giving birth. Is this achievable? yes, maybe with Mariah Careys Personal Trainer, a live in chef and a nanny. All jokes aside, you have just brought this wonderful new life into the world. Take time to relish in this bliss, you have your whole life to ‘get into shape’ however there is no perfect or ideal shape but just one thats right for you and theres no rush. Be proud of what your body has just been through and achieved. Once again you are incredible, remember that.

Finding Your Right Routine.

Just because your baby doesn’t feed at exactly the same times as the baby books advise or does not sleep all night or is not ready to wean at the same time as your friends little one. This does not mean you have failed or are any different, it takes time to build up the right routine that suits you and your baby. Never try and be that book perfect mother as it doesn’t exist. These books are simply guidelines and only you can work out what suits best. It might take a little longer than Sally down the road, but thats okay. Do what works for you. Be proud of yourself.

One thought on “5 Things All New Mums Need To Remember

  1. DanielKoch says:

    Thanks for sharing such great thoughts with us. All mum need to understand that kids only need their attention just love and care. All mum should follow these tips to take care of their babies. Whether it is the decision of buying the online baby products, clothes or feeding of your little one, Always believe in yourself and never try to copy others because for your baby you are perfect in your own way. Always take care of your baby carefully so that you can feel proud of yourself also.

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